jumway international automobile city (jwiac) successfully held its investment and signing conference

release time:2016-10-16

jumway international automobile city (jwiac) successfully held its investment and signing conference on the morning of october 19, 2014. hu jianxiong, chairmannt of jumway holding group, gave his congratulations and made an important speech on the conference. the conference attracted a lot of attention and was extraordinary crowded. at 8am, nearly 2,000 customers from both local area and other districts arrived and gathered together, making it a splendid scene at the conference.

group leaders, guests from the association, representatives of other brands, old and new customers of jwiac (photos).

for all customers who sign the contract today, they can enjoy a free rent for the second year of the contract and exemption of property management fee for one year. three-tier shops are not limited by its location and area, can offer you the best business opportunity in this key automobile business center in eastern china.. opportunities are not always there, but a man of vision is always good at grasping opportunities. why not seize this opportunity! 

sales policy is also very generous, and all the customers ordering single-storey shops, three-tier shops pay 1,000 yuan equalizing 5,000 yuan, the customers who ordered double-tier shops can pay 1,000 yuan equalizing 10,000 yuan. there is nearly ten thousand discount on you. act fast, act early!

there are only 8 sets of hot selling mini mansions left which the total price is rmb 240,000 each and the maximum discount is up to 20,000 yuan. we also prepare isolating course and solar water heaters as gifts. the promotion is beyond your imagination.

at the same time, we also invited president of kunshan city auto repair, special decoration and accessories association mr. hu jianxiong to make a wonderful speech at the activity.

we would also like to thank the association for its concern and support for our project as well as our dedicated businessmen, especially some of the business models of civilization. we promote the development and prosperity of the market hand in hand.

mr. jiang pengkun, general manager of commercial operation and management company of jumway holding group was also invited to make a speech.

we are convinced that under such a pragmatic leadership, jumway international automobile city will be able to bring a win-win situation to all the businessmen and investors. the advantages of our project and our trust worthy team are all the factors attracting our clients.

today, our signed clients can participate in the lucky draw activity. the grand prize is 1,000 yuan rental fund; the first prize is silk quilt; the second prize is fashion tableware; the third prize is an electric kettle.


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