the derby city council visitation yunhu international

release time:2016-11-20

in november 3, 2016, shanghai jumway enterprise development co.,ltd general manager of delson yu invited to participate in the cbbc organization of investment on the bbs, alan smith(derby city countil) and martin rosen (councillor) met general manager of delson yu in the bbs, in the discussion of the real estate project to our company, alan and martin expressed great interest, and hope to yunhu international projects recently went to visit our factory.

in november 4, 2016, general manager of delson yu and yunhu international general manager of xie ming and marketing director of pei zhang,project sales director with alan smith (derby city countil) and martin rawson (councillor) came to yunhu international project site, to learn more about the project development cycle, project type and development status. at the end of the tour, two represents was profoundly impressive about the progress of the project and the influence of development scale. derby city government warmly welcome our company to invest at derby city, and also said: " will use all the power to support our investment in derby city."


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