indonesia - china business forum

release time:2019-11-08

—jumway group was invited to participate in thebusiness activities of the indonesian consulate in china

the"indonesia-china business forum business docking" event hosted by theindonesian consulate was held on november 6, 2019 at the le méridien hotel inminhang, shanghai. the financial analyst harsuti of jumway holding groupshanghai company participated in the event as a representative of the company.

the event kicked offin a speech byambassador of the republic ofindonesia to the people's republic of china and mongolia mr. djauhari oratmangun.theleaders of the event includeddirector general ofnational export developmentmr.dodyedward, acting director of partnership of palm oil fund management companymr.muhammad ferian, director of indoensia coffe exporters associationmr.syahrial mukhtar, indonesia investment coordinating board ms.tengku puspita,internationaland investment board of the employers association of indonesia mr.adi harsono.

thedata mentioned in this activity is the first in china's foreign investment.indonesia has 1,259 chinese companies investing in indonesia, a total of 3,167projects, including steel, food, machinery, transportation, trade, construction,andmany more.

in 2015,jumway group established a real estate development-based branch in bantenprovince, java island, indonesia. as time progresses, jumway group will alsoexaggerate the field in indonesia and build a great career.

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