jian rui spring festival dinner

year after year, day after day, it has been nearly two years since jianrui opened its business. in these two years, many of our colleagues have contributed a lot to this, which can be said to be "devoted, and died". after the first weekly meeting of the spring festival in 2014, mr. xie arranged the first dinner party in the world trade organization tianlis hotel in order to encourage team morale and strengthen internal communication.

the one with glasses and a little cardigan above is our manager xie. under his arrangement, everyone began to eat. he brought home-brewed rice wine to all of us after sale. he shared many good examples, including our shortcomings. the direction of our efforts in 2014 was most impressed by him. in a word, where your target is, where the energy is located, the key word in 2014 is "execution". with each delicious dish on the table, everybody's spirits are getting higher and higher, there are talkative, there is to persuade wine, there would rather die, there are everywhere to fight wine, wine fighting brothers that attitude called a hero lonely ah.

in the laughter, the party was drawing to a close, and many colleagues exclaimed, "where's the time?" this gathering will not only enable jianrui colleagues to continue their friendship and mutual assistance in 2014, but also make the difficult year of 2014 more full of passion and motivation, overcome one difficulty after another, create a better tomorrow for themselves and jianrui!


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