many staff of jianrui stick to their own posts during the spring festival

as days glide swiftly, the spring festival comes again. people are all on their way home.the spring festival is the most important festival for chinese. the young, the old and the lover are looking forward to their faraway relatives coming back home safe and sound. at the same time, no matter how far away and how busy they are, people who have left home will take their luggage and the goods their family like, as well as deep missing and expectation, to come home. on the railway platform, passengers are all in a rush with various bags. although they are tired, the yearning for home makes everyone wear smile .however, at this special time ,when families reunite to celebrate a marvelous festival, there is a group of staff in the shanghai volkswagen flagship store of kunshan jianrui, who are willing to stick to their responsibilities and positions. they also welcome the new year and pray for happiness here just like they do with their family. when taking about spending the spring festival in the company, they don’t feel regretful and think it is just as happy as they come back home.

today, there are many staffs stick to their positions just like me. they are trying their best to contribute their small power to the enterprise, industriously, conscientiously and silently. a journey of thousands of miles may not be achieved through accumulation of each single step. it is these small steps that give rise to a great enterprise, jumway holdings group. the more we contribute to the enterprise, the more it will pay back to us. just as the song sings: ’where there is a powerful country, there is a wealthy family’. it is the same to an enterprise. where there is a powerful group as support, there are satisfied staff as us. therefore, we are proud of being a member of jumway holdings group. i’m sticking to my position during the festival. colleagues who are on duty will do their best to get their work done.

                                   -- kunshan jianrui after-sales department

xie shujun ,wang bei, zhao yiheng, chen guobo, zou xiaofan


such simple words show aspirations of staff who are on duty during the spring festival. because we have such attitude, customer service department has receipted in-field maintenance for 11 times and gone out-field for 7 times. maybe the data is not high enough, but it shows the philosophy of staff in shanghai volkswagen, which is manufacturing every high-quality car for everyone. therefore, we want to give our best respects and sincere wishes to every staff of kuishan jianrui who stick to their duty in the spring festival.

                           kunshan jianrui marketing department

                                             chen le



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