jumway logistics held an outdoor training

june 14, 2014, our company organized employees to participate in one-day outdoor training at the base of yangcheng lake aquatic park in ba city. through the training, each of us felt the care and thoughtfulness of our company. i deeply understood that the joy of victory is condensed by countless failures and reflections. through training, ability is not a decisive factor. the key points are strong desire for success, persistence, courage and the companions struggling with you.

first of all, we followed the coach's request, and divided into three teams, then each team selected a leader, a secretary, and took a team name, a slogan, a team logo. everyone put forward their own views with cheerful smile.

we forgot our posts, our ages and our gender because we all had one common goal: working together to complete all the tasks

our training courses contained drum beating, ball passing, rope skipping, walking race and running race. all the tasks were testing the team's ability to collaborate and communicate with each other. in the course of these activities, we complained and blamed one another. but in the end we learned to be inclusive, understanding, and to encourage each other, thus we completed the tasks that couldn't be done by only one person. it also made us understand the importance of teamwork, especially the final game which gave full play to each player's eyesight, strength, memory, imagination, unity, innovation, and so on. we completed the tasks through repeated verification, discussion and won the final task.

after the one-day e training, we were very happy - because the training has given us the inspiration and experience which is a permanent spiritual wealth. we have strengthened our confidence, perseverance .we has not only improved the ability to solve problems, but also enhanced the sense of participation and sense of responsibility. how to find and work out problems at work constantly, how to improve the efficiency of the department and its own work, how to improve the existing work processes, ways of working and coordinating the work of the various departments, all of these are the goals we will realize in the future !

i want to thank our company for organizing this event, and building this platform for mutual exchange, and also thank our teammates for our support and trust for each other.

i sincerely wish our company a more brilliant, and better future。


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