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    3899 beimen road, kunshan (crossing between beimen road and longsheng road)

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    3899 beimen road, kunshan (crossing between beimen road and longsheng road)

  • 0512-50127777
jumway xintiandi, located in the northern urban area of kunshan and belonging to the high-tech zone of yushan town, covers a core area in the northern sub-center under the master planning of kunshan. the core area embraces a lot of industrial entities and residential communities. the population will increase continuously in the future. however, the concentrated and comprehensive commercial center still remains a blank by far, and our project is the first integrated commercial complex in the core area which combines eating, drinking, playing and entertainment together.

location advantage:

jumway xintiandi has outstanding location advantage in that fairly near no. 1 bus station. it is north to luyang town, and only 600m to the town center. it is west to kunshan international molds industry base under the developed and mature commercial atmosphere in the field of molds industry at a high flowing rate of vendors and visitors. it is east to the core of north new area and south to the planned large residential community. around the project, there is a large residential community with a high occupancy rate - lumei garden in which there are about 2,000 households, together with potential 200,000 consumers.

reasonable  planning:

jumway xintiandi covers a floor area of 16,804 m2 and a total construction area of 40,000 m2 and consists of a three-floor commercial building and a small high-rise served apartment. the commercial building has three floors which are independent and separate individually for your choices. the commercial building has one main entrance and 5 secondary entrances, together with 3 escalators, 2 panoramic lifts and 1 pedestrian stairway, as well as 10 stairways and 3 lifts to form a three-dimensional transportation generatrix which is convenient for every visitor and every store. the stores are at two sides of the street and along the river, providing a unique view for the commercial atmosphere.

our stores are various in sizes among which the main type is 30-50 m2, which are 2.8-4.2m wide, 5-15m long and 4.49m high. the small stores require low investment cost but stay high in return, and hence, such stores are the best options for medium and small investors. there are two parking lots, ground and underground, and nearly 1:1 parking ratio will satisfy parking requirements so that merchants and consumers will not worry about parking issue. 

three unification principle:

to remove all the worries or fears of investors and merchants, jumway xintian practices three unifications principle “unified promotion, unified operation and unified service” to guarantee the following sustainable operation and good development.

hotline: 0512-50127777

receipt center: 3899 beimen road, kunshan (crossing between beimen road and longsheng road)

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