pt jumway group indonesia has signed a deal with pt mas, which is a listed company from jakarta tangerage, in purchase of 42 hectares of land in serang city.

release time:2018-10-15

jumway development co., ltd. (malaysia) on july 29 2016  has moved to puchong financial corporate centre (pfcc), to achieve a major leap for jumway group’s strategic development. the move marks the successful establishment of the group based in southeast asia, and has laid a solid foundation for the group to be internationalized.

malaysia jumway development has an annual output value over 300 million myr volume and annual growth of more than 30% of the rate thrive. we will continue the spirit of "innovation, service and dedication" the company philosophy to make great contributions to china government’s “one belt one road “ (obor) initiative. (obor is one of beijing’s most ambitious foreign economic development initiatives aims to recreate the legendary silk road and wields plenty of financial muscle.)

in the future, the company will focus on developing three main sectors in malaysia - real estate, finance and logistics. with a new attitude, jumway is aimed to provide customers with high-quality and innovative products and services.


address:unit 3510-15, f/35, building 1, raffles city, 1133 changning rd, shanghai

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