smile—our attitude and our language

release time:2018-10-16

we, dongfeng honda, hold the service concept of "all for customers", smiling while creating the best service experience for the customers. smile represents warmth and confidence. making a smile seems to be easy and costless, but the charm and value it creates is endless. it is the smile that plays the role imperceptibly to make an effective and emotional communication with customers. smile with the appropriate respect will relieve the customers. the customers will understand and tolerate even small problems take place during the service. our smile shows its infinite charm --- silent enlivening.

now learn to smile, it is the magic that solves the problems, the happiness that makes you all the best. as long as you smile in the mirror, the defeat or frustration or difficulty that surround you will finally disappear. no longer affected by the little failure, you will summon the courage into a new life!

when you are worrying about the future, just smile. you will be full of hope, and you will be confident to fight. tomorrow is brilliant .only you smile to face yourself, smile to your friends, you will seek the treasure of beauty and loveliness. only you smile to your life and work will be filled with vitality, hope and joy.

we will always be with you on the way. here, you can feel the warmth of home; here, you can feel the meticulous service, it is us, this is dongfeng honda.

friends, let’s smile! smile to life, life will also smile to you. we will always offer you services with smile.


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