“beer & barbecue festival” in new century plaza

release time:2018-10-16

the “beer & barbecue festival” started in jumway new world plaza on july 26, 2014. at dusk, the torrential rain just ended and the air was filled with the fragrance of flowers. the venue had been carefully decorated. the stage was covered with red carpet, the white beach tables and chairs were neatly placed, and the impassioned music was played.

the “beer & barbecue festival” attracted a large number of young people. in addition to attending the festival, many of them came to buy the youth apartment. the plaza was crowded with people. they were eating the delicious food and appreciating the beautiful gardens.

located in qingyang harbor, the jumway new world plaza has both the superior geographical location and the convenient transportation. with good quality and super location, lingdong apartment can satisfy the housing needs of young workers, young entrepreneurs and some investors. it is the best choice for the youth who want to purchase a property or have a plan of investment.


address:unit 3510-15, f/35, building 1, raffles city, 1133 changning rd, shanghai

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