jumway indonesia and andy, the story of growing up together

release time:2019-09-29

there is a saying that this world belong to the youths, and in andy koesnodiharjo of jumway indonesia, certainly we can see some truth in that.

dashingly handsome, young and capable, he has been a part of jumway indonesia for a little more than a year now, serving the position of project director assistant.

but here in jumway, his friendly affable face is known everywhere, mainly because he is often seen carrying out many other tasks outside his job scope, which he does willingly and smilingly. with plenty of admirable qualities it is no wonder that our boss regards him as right hand man, and sees in him an especially bright path ahead in jumway.

andy koesnodiharjo, 25, graduated from fengjia university at taiwan, china in 2014. with a tourism degree and handy mandarin under his belt, he was able to explore a career path with chinese companies in indonesia and that is how he and jumway found each other in 2018.

in jumway indonesia,he found himself a university of life of sorts: “jumway has provided me with a platform to learn patience, conscientiousness and responsibility." with so many challenges and major changes happening in jumway indonesia since last year, certainly such qualities are a must to survive major upheavals.

but apparently, here is a boy who has grown into a man, ready for any challenge thrown to him! jumway indonesia is proud to have him and hoped his tenure in jumway will be long and illustrious!


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