3 day independence fiesta at office of jumway indonesia, which is also office of primepoint housing estate!!

release time:2019-09-29

indonesian independence day has always been celebrated throughout indonesia by playing traditional folk games and singing national anthem and generally having fun. this year it is no different, as jumway indonesia join in the holiday cheers by holding 3 day independence fiesta at our marketing gallery for prime point serang!

friday the 16th was earmarked for employees-only internal games consisting of traditional games like rucksack-racing or eating crackers competition etc, arranged in order to heighten sense of co-operation and belonging and for employees of different deparments chance to interact and co-operate with each other. but of couse some time were allocated for primary school children from nearby settlements to compete in colouring contest, with attractive prizes to be won!

for saturday 17th august, nationalism feelings run high as we began the day by singing national anthem “ indonesia raya” together with children from nearby villages and their parents. followed by organizing folk games for which also comes with attractive prizes to be won for three top winners of each game. we also invited local performers to perform highly thrilling and dangerous performance of “debus” folk art, which involves slashing and piercing self with knifes and needles!

and last but not least on 18th august, it was fun-filled morning as visitors and employees alike, sway to thumping music for morning zumba session with professional instructors! similarly door prizes were given through lucky draw and visitors went home tired but happy! for employees though, the day wasnt over, a futsal street soccer session was scheduled in the afternoon against team from local law enforcement agency.

all in all a fun weekend and thrill to the senses for us office workers who are usually trapped within office floors! jumway indonesia will likely to hold many more happy occasions in the future so stay tuned for our news!


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